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PhD Program

The PhD program offers a transformative journey for participants to attain mastery in leadership. Through a comprehensive curriculum encompassing training, coaching, and facilitating transformational workshops, individuals undergo a six-month intensive program to conquer their goals with the support of a dedicated team.
During this period, participants are empowered to embrace a winning mindset and become influential figures in their personal and professional lives. To be eligible for enrollment in the PhD program, candidates must have successfully completed the Basic, Advance, and Leadership programs. Additionally, they need to be nominated by a graduate or current participant of the PhD Program.


In the PhD Program you will:

  • Become equipped with advanced leadership skills that foster a sense of community and mentorship, ensuring a holistic and enriching learning experience

  • You will have the opportunity to complete the program experiencing conversations, distinctions, attitudes, personality, and behavior as a leader and trainer

  • Achieve a vision and extraordinary goals in all areas of your life

  • Develop your own life workshop

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